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Immigration and hardship

Our licensed mental health staff have experience preparing valuable and comprehensive mental health reports that may assist in an immigration case.  An Immigration Mental Health Evaluation is an assessment that is used to help immigration courts determine whether a person can legally remain in the United States.

Extreme Hardship Evaluations can be completed for non-citizens or for non-citizen’s family. This evaluation would identify the ways in which a the individual or their family may suffer if the non-citizen was deported.  Common concerns may include psychological and emotional hardship, health issues, financial considerations, and educational opportunities.

Some non-citizens may fail to file for political asylum within the time frame required by law.  A psychological evaluation could provide insight and documentation as to why the individual may not have followed the law.  This may include psychological stressors.


Domestic/Spousal Abuse Waiver: This evaluation aims to establish the presence of domestic abuse in order to file for legal status (separately from their U.S. citizen spouse). Documented indicators of abuse can be cited as physical, verbal, or psychological abuse.

Immigration Evaluations and reports can be beneficial for any of the following immigration proceedings:

  1. Extreme Hardship Cases

  2. Spousal Abuse (VAWA)

  3. Political Asylum Cases

  4. U Visa

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