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Beth Ann Woyshville




Beth Ann Woyshville is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Clinical Resident. She holds a Master’s degree in Community Agency Counseling from Cleveland State University, where she also completed her undergraduate work in Psychology, Art History and Comparative Religions. During her Master’s work at CSU, Beth assisted in designing, implementing, and tracking data for the innovating SERV program (Supportive Education for the Returning Veteran) created by Dr. John Schupp, and continues to participate in assisting transitioning veterans in all areas of life. She has special interest in PTSD, TBI, Limb Loss, and new modalities of body reintegration.  Beth was one of the first to complete the new Ohio Certification in Chemical Dependency, and intends to earn the LCDCIII as well as the ATSA (Sex Offender Treatment) and NCGCIII (Gambling Disorder) certifications in the next few months.  She strives to continue to build her “toolbox” of credentials in order to be as responsive and effective a therapist as possible.

Beth encounters a diverse client base in her role at APS, providing individual and couples’ counseling as well as group work.  Her clients are from all walks of life and are suffering various degrees of challenges. She honors and values the sacred therapeutic relationship, and deeply respects that they allow her to be a part of their healing.  Beth is also privileged to be of assistance to those in various circumstances within the legal system, mainly Federal Probation and Pretrial clients.  Under Gary’s guidance, Beth is pursuing additional specialization in Sex Offender treatment, and counsels many who are offenders or suffer sexual addiction, and often partners or members of their family.

Never losing focus on the possibility of healing by finding meaning in life, Beth strives to provide hope, encouragement, occasional humor, and steadfast support as clients move toward manifesting their best and recovering from life’s challenges. Her theoretical orientation is Client-Focused, grounded in a combination of Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Gestalt, and Mindfulness approaches (especially ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).  She also uncovers latent creativity therapeutic interaction through the use of the MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument), and is a certified MARI Practitioner.  Beth’s interest in symbolic systems, Jungian thought, philosophy, spiritual expression and deep processes of transformation have led her to continue her own education in the arts, music, dance, yoga and alternative healing modalities.  She attends Psychoanalytic meetings and belongs to various professional organizations reflective of her Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, and Humanistic foci. She is currently enrolled as a doctoral student in the APA Accredited Counseling Psychology Program at CSU, and hopes to bring depth and creativity to the next leg of her journey, provided she lives through it!

Below you will find paperwork that you may choose to access and fill out prior to your session with Beth. Please fill this out as completely as possible (second page of intake packet is designated for release of information, were you to want your therapist to be in contact or have permission to speak with someone else). And bring a copy with you. In addition, please bring a physical copy of your insurance card/information with you as well as submitting it online below. Thank you! 

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