COVID-19 Updates & Group Schedules

All groups continue to be held via telehealth services. For those who do not have internet access, phone options will be available for dial in attendance. Out dial in option is only available to those that have this restrictions at this time. 

*For those connecting though video Telehealth: please contact your group facilitator if if you need assistance connecting to group sessions. If you need to leave a message with that facilitator, please provide a valid email address and cell phone number that can receive text messages so that your group invitation can be sent to you.

You will only need to click on the link provided to be connected to your group meeting. Those that use the provided link do not need the Zoom app to join their meeting. In addition, group facilitators will provide you with your specific meeting ID number and passcode so that you can have the option of joining a meeting without using the invitation link. You can use this option through the Zoom App. 

Please find facilitators numbers listed below.

*For those who require dial in attendance: You may dial in to your group meeting by calling 1-646-558-8656. After you have dialed in, please enter your meeting ID number followed by the #. Once your meeting ID number has been entered, please enter your passcode. Both of these numbers will be provided to you by your group facilitator, and will be able to be used for your specific attending group until otherwise notified. If you attend more than one group, each group will have its own member ID and passcode. 

Group Facilitators

Gary Echt: 440-944-6565

Christie Weber: 440-223-8159

Beth Woyshville: 440-554-2947

Saraha Martincak: 440-759-8873

Chelsea McGowan: 440-678-7068

Christopher Jakub: 440-732-6554

We are keeping  our offices safe. 

We are Keeping Our Offices Safe

We want to ensure your health and safety maintains our top priority.  We highly encourage the option for individual telehealth appointments. In office visits will bet taking place for those who presently receive medication monitoring.

  • Temperature screening at the door will continue for employees and patients entering the building.

  • Social distancing - waiting rooms will have seating at 6 ft. apart.

  • Limiting visitors - only patients and essential caregivers, such as parents or legal guardians, will be in the building.

  • Frequently disinfecting high-tough surfaces, such as door handles and countertops.

  • All Advanced Psychotherapy Services staff will continue to wear masks.

  • All visitors will be asked to continue to wear masks, covering both nose and mouth, and are asked to wash their hands upon arrival. 

  • Continued teletherapy (video and phone) visits.  If you would like to receive services from the comfort of your own home, we will continue to provide telemedicine appointments.

—  Questions or concerns please contact us at (440) 944-6565

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