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Jim Kargakos


Phone: 216-924-7667

Jim Kargakos, M.A., C.L.C., is a Certified Life Coach, who holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Akron, and has additionally completed 57 graduate semester hours beyond the Master’s level. He has 5 years of experience practicing professionally as a Life Coach, and has been a Professor of Psychology at the college level for the past 3 decades. As a professor, he has taught a wide array of courses, including Adolescent Psychology, Psychology of Adulthood, and The Psychology of Happiness. Additionally, he has facilitated numerous Continuing
Education seminars for other mental health professionals, in topics such as Happiness, Adolescent Stress, and scientifically-based tips for parents.

As a Life coach, Jim enjoys working with and mentoring late adolescents / young adults who are in the process of discovering and coming to terms with their inner selves and authentic needs and desires, while simultaneously attempting to figure out what will truly constitute for them a worthwhile and meaningful life. Jim guides these young people in cultivating the psychological tools and attributes which will lead them to a trust of self, and the ability to envision and successfully embark upon a self-defined life journey.

He also works extensively with adults of all ages, who are seeking to connect, or re-connect, with their authentic selves, find fulfillment and purpose in their current life and future, and experience continued personal and professional growth.

Below you will find paperwork that you may choose to access and fill out prior to your session with Jim. Please fill this out as completely as possible (page 2 of part 1 is designated for release of information, were you to want your therapist to be in contact or have permission to speak with someone else). Mr. Kargakos will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have upon your arrival. Thank you! 

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