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Chelsea Morinec



Taking the step to engage in therapy can be both scary and exciting. I’m so
happy that you’re here and making the decision to take an active role in your life
and work towards whole wellness! It’s okay if you’re unsure about counseling or
where to start because I will walk beside you and help you navigate it all--
regardless of where you are at in your journey.

My counseling approach centers around safety, empowerment and healing
compassion. We will identify and focus on your strengths and innate capabilities
as we work together to meet your goals. I believe that you possess the ability and
self-knowledge to overcome whatever challenge you are facing. I will assist you
to accept and grieve past experiences, process difficult emotions and move
toward the future you want for yourself. You already have what you need to grow,
and I'm here to shine the light on it.

I have experience working with presenting concerns such as anxiety, depression,
identity/self-exploration, self-esteem, perfectionism, grief/loss, trauma, and
interpersonal conflict. I have a unique background in addressing sexuality and
intimacy topics ranging from identity exploration to problem sexual behaviors. I
utilize a person centered and eclectic style that pulls from modalities like
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Emotion Focused Therapy
and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to best fit each of my clients needs. I would
be honored to be a part of your journey and provide a safe space for you.


Below you will find paperwork that you may choose to access and fill out prior to your session with Chelsea. Please fill this out as completely as possible (page 2 of part 1 is designated for release of information, were you to want your therapist to be in contact or have permission to speak with someone else). And bring a copy with you. In addition, please bring a physical copy of your insurance card/information with you as well as submitting it online below. Thank you! 

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