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Christie Weber

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Christie Weber, M.Ed., LPCC, CSOTP graduated from Cleveland State University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is the current owner and Clinical Director of Advanced Psychotherapy Services. 

Christie maintains a strong emphasis through her past and continuing education in the areas of PTSD, women and trauma, sexual behavior, mental health and nutrition, depression and anxiety, family counseling, couples counseling, and work with adolescents. Working with many different types of individuals has given her the ability to strengthen her skills in a wide range of areas, as she continues to seek out alternative ways in which she can offer guidance, hope, and tools for better mental wellness for the individuals that she works with.

When working with individuals, her main objective is to meet each person where they are at, focusing on the areas of the personal life that may be attributing to unsatisfactory levels of functioning, personal potential, clarity or happiness. Christie maintains the idea that every person knows themselves best, and that her role as a therapist is to aid individuals in their journey with the use of talk-therapy, tools, and alternative perspectives so that they may have the opportunity to reach and maintain their desired goals.

“My goal is to build the strongest therapeutic relationship possible by building trust, and respecting the privilege of being a part of an individual’s personal journey. Finding balance in life centers around bringing into awareness each person’s authentic self, and in doing this promoting the exploration of personal happiness and potential. Building upon the self, allows a person to internalize the process of their struggles or difficulties, opposed to “fixing” them through outside, societal based expectations. Through compassion, empathy and respect, it is my hope that together we can reach your goals, to find balance and wellness that can be lasting.”

Below you will find paperwork that you may choose to access and fill out prior to your session with Christie. Please fill this out as completely as possible (page 2 of part 1 is designated for release of information, were you to want your therapist to be in contact or have permission to speak with someone else). In addition, please bring a physical copy of your insurance card/information with you, as well as submitting through our online option, Ms. Weber will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have upon your arrival. Thank you! 

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