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Christopher Jakub

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Chris Jakub is a retired police officer who served in the inner city of Cleveland for 21 years.  He currently works as a Licensed Professional Counselor at Advanced Advanced Psychotherapy Services and focuses on first responders and their families as well as PTSD.  He is also a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP).

Mr. Jakub's currently provides treatment on both an individual and group counseling levels. With a strong desire and focus to also aid those struggling with anger management, he currently facilities a group Anger Management program that offers tools to help those struggling cope by using better emotional regulation skills, and understanding their own emotional dynamics as a whole. 

Below you will find paperwork that you may choose to access and fill out prior to your session with Chris. Please fill this out as completely as possible (page 2 of part 1 is designated for release of information, were you to want your therapist to be in contact or have permission to speak with someone else). And bring a copy with you. In addition, please bring a physical copy of your insurance card/information with you as well as submitting it online below.



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